What role does artificial intelligence play in Catalonia?

The disruptive breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) has come in the coming decades to become an essential economic engine in multiple sectors. Countries like Canada or France are already defining the future of their AI-based industry. On the one hand, they are betting on government investment in the transfer of knowledge in this area throughout their industrial fabric. On the other hand, they are investing heavily in talent recruitment, making AI experts the second most highly regarded profile by companies.

The Catalan ecosystem is also positioning itself around AI and today, it brings together about a hundred companies, with a total revenue of 100M€ and more than 700 professionals.

The AI4ALL Program

Given this situation, the UAB Research Park, the Computer Vision Centre, the School of Engineering of the UAB and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research of CSIC have launched the course “Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry”, aimed at students, researchers and PhD candidates wishing to carry out enterprising work in this area. The aim is to approach new AI technology, generate new market ideas and help to promote national competitivity. 

The course will present technologies that can respond to challenges proposed by companies, explain how these solutions impact the environment, show the feasibility of applying these technologies from a technological maturity point of view and possible business models for the exploitation of technologies. 

The participants will work in multidisciplinary teams to propose solutions to the challenges. At the end of the Program they will present their projects in a Demoday to relevant entities and companies.