In 2016-2017 the first course took place, entitled Smart Vehicles and Business Opportunities. The aim of that programme was to offer participants technological and business tools to design products capable of solving real market needs in the driverless vehicle sector.

This first course lasted 5 months during which 8 different projects were carried out.

Projects carried out

Apparka: a management platform for shared electric bicycles aimed at offering a new concept of mobility as a service. With a free float system it can greatly complement the public transport system and replace private transport while respecting the environment and promoting sustainable mobility. Users can find, rent and unlock a bicycle using a mobile app giving them an optimum means of transport in the municipal area.  Resum executiu del projecte

Accsint: a system of sensorisation and satellite connectivity for wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility to avoid obstacles and be able to make emergency phone calls. Resum executiu del projecte

Urban Charge: a collaborative platform connecting users of electric vehicles who need to park/recharge in private parking places equipped with chargers. Resum executiu del projecte

CICONIA Drone Service:a design and delivery service by drone for small and medium-sized companies.

CheckUP!:an automatic damage diagnosis service for vehicles and digitisation of renting and sharing processes for the introduction of services based on data mining. Resum executiu del projecte

Augmented space data analytics via IoT platform:a specialist consultancy for companies with a prototype that require its speedy development. It will also offer a consultancy for smart cities and smart vehicles.

Smart Clean Technologies:driverless vehicles for cleaning large interior surfaces anywhere and anytime. Resum executiu del projecte

Drivvisor:driverless vehicles for cleaning large interior surfaces anywhere and anytime. Resum executiu del projecte