What will be the role of artificial intelligence?

Disruptive progress in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent decades has turned it into an essential economic force in multiple sectors.

At the regional level, Catalonia is positioning itself as the new Silicon Valley of Europe. Today, the Catalan ecosystem in terms of AI consists of a hundred or so companies and over 70’0 professionals. These strengths have become opportunities for companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Moodle, Microsoft and Mitek, which in just a few months have established their AI-intensive headquarters in Barcelona.

The UAB is one of the greatest generators of talent in this this area and has research contracts with companies such as Audi, Intel, Toyota and Ficosa. In addition, several AI-based companies have emerged from our campus, such as ICAR Vision, Care Respite and VisualTagging.



The programme: “Artificial intelligence applied to industry”

Given this situation, the UAB Research Park, the Computer Vision Centre and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have introduced the course “Artificial Intelligence applied to Industry”, aimed at students, researchers and PhD candidates wishing to carry out enterprising work in this area. The aim is to approach new AI technology, generate new market ideas and help to promote national competitivity.

The programme combines technical and strategic training to give participants the necessary knowledge and skills to put their own entrepreneurial initiatives into practice. The projects carried out during the course will be presented on Demoday before a panel of important institutions and businesses in the field.



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