This course offers training in business management and new business models for technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The teaching consists of 150 hours divided into classroom sessions, practical work, presentations, visits and individual tutorials.

Technology content

  • Introduction to deep learning and computer vision techniques
  • Introduction to blockchain technologies
  • Challenges for the perception of driverless vehicles
  • Challenges for urban improvements
  • IoT technologies for eHealth projects
  • Challenges for Industry 4.0
  • Data modelling laboratory using deep learning techniques
  • Agile and Living Lab methodologies
  • Introduction to computing in GPU and
    Deep Learning environments
  • Data analysis laboratory in open source environments
  • Driverless vehicles in industrial spaces
  • Person-machine interaction
  • Ethics and legal aspects of robotics projects
  • Cloud computing platforms for data management
  • Prototyping

Business management content

  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Company strategy and business models
  • How to write an Executive Summary
  • Entrepreneurial team management
  • Protection of ideas: intellectual and industrial property, patents and valorisation models
  • Technology-based business creation
  • Legal aspects: types of company
  • How to finance your project. Public and private financing
  • Project presentation techniques
  • Demoday / Elevator Pitch
  • Individual tutorials
Catalan English